Fractured fairy tale!

A fractured fairytale … (A) Once upon a time, there was a big guy named Frankie and also a gnome named Kev. (B) The gnome never saw it coming. He died because a bee stung him and he was allergic it was tragic but it turned out he didn’t die from that he died from a cupcake made out of poison ivy. (C) “How was I to know the frosting was made of poison ivy!”, the frog exclaimed. because you cooked them said the giant boy the frog said oh. (A) At that very moment, Boris walked through the time portal. nobody even knew there was a time portal but i guess there was it was quite intriguing anyway they were all playing discus when suddenly. (B) The discus cleared the fence and flew toward the airport. it hit the plane and blew up but only unimportant people died so it was all good , so they all started building a room onto the side of their house for something to do but they didn’t put windows in. (C) It’s funny how windows can seem unimportant until you don’t have one. then flying chairs started chasing them. (A) But the flying chairs were the least of their worries because there was a evil cookie monster trying to eat them. where did that come from oh wait thats right from outer space how duh asian interesting. But shazza and dazza came to the rescue and killed the giant man eating Reg. and all the other ones. Like the SunnyVale assassins. KSS KSS! (B) “Hey you dummy – get down!” she yelled. But Kev took it the wrong way and bashed him. Then he ran away to the beach. (C) The beach seemed like the best escape option at the time. But it wasn’t, because all of a sudden a giant came through and killed everyone besides Kev. And those that survived lived somewhat comfortably, though in constant fear that another giant was just around the corner. But shazza and dazza came to the rescue and killed the giant

Multiple Intelligence’s.

My Multiple Intelligence is Body Smart. My three highest intelligence’s are Body smart (12) Music smart (10) People smart (10). I agree with this because it is a lot like me. The most interesting thing about this survey is the fact that you only have to tick a few boxes and you will find out your Multiple Intelligence’s.